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  1. Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

    Axis Physiotherapy experienced dedicated physiotherapists and talented clinical team designs individualized treatment plans to achieve the specific goals for each patient.
    Back Pain, Cervical Pain, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Chronic Pain, Ankle Sprain, Golfer's and Tennis Elbow, Tendonitis, Stroke, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain,
    Post-Surgery Rehab, Sports Injuries and Arthritis
    Book an appointment with us today
    We are located at:
    Brickfields ...
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  2. Jaybird Tape/Strapping

    Price: RM 13.00 per roll
    RM 370.00 per box / 32-rolls *1Ĺ" x 15 yards (3.8cm x 13.7m)
    Contact: Renesh 0172898980

    The #40 base fabric is woven from a blend of Polyester and Cotton fibers to make an economical, but very strong adhesive tape. This product comes with Serrated ...
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  3. Choosing Hiking Footwear - Let your feet love walking

    How often have you bought hiking boots and in no time you have blisters and aching feet. Youíd be lucky to walk 5 miles never mind 20 miles in the wrong boots.

    Hiking Footwear - Raichle Mountain Trail XT GTX Hiking Boots Hiking boots are the most important equipment you will buy Ė it may also prove to be the most difficult! So your main objective is to find comfortable hiking boots that fit properly so you can walk all day without pain. We have written a 12 point guide to choosing ...
  4. Exercise and Loss Weight On Female Menstrual Cycle Phases Course

    Udemy Black Friday is really doing well with my first sales already in 3 days. It will get better. For those of you who have asked me to coach you, I suggest that you can take the following Udemy courses in this order.

    To succeed, take the Udemy Courses in this order. The lowest discount possible:

    Udemy #1: The Psychological Way To Loss Weight- Fixing Your Fatty Mind
    Watch here==>

    Udemy #2: Exercise and Loss Weight On Female ...
  5. How To Lose Weight Fast and EZ-Restructure Your Inner Scale

    Hei guys, im venturing into online courses.And BOMB!! This is my first course ..
    How To Lose Weight Fast and EZ-Restructure Your Inner Scale

    In this course i will be talking about :
    You will learn:

    1) Cognitive theory, to overcome weight loss obstacle.

    2) Technique to conquer your fear , and gain confidence in your weight loss process.

    3) The right way to set,plan and achieve your weight loss goal using proven SMART goal method, ...
  6. Calories Restriction Is One Of The Best Way To Lose Weight.

    You do not need to dig deep down to the science to figure out how to lose weight.Just by simply restricting your daily calories you will be able to lose some serious weight.

    "To improve health, the goal should be to lose weight by reducing the total amount of calories consumed, suggests Freedland, rather than focusing on when those calories are consumed. ďIf you [donít] eat two days a week, and limit what you eat the other five days, you will lose weight. Itís one approach ...
  7. Why You Need to Take Carbs,Protein and Fat ,If You Wana Lose Weight Fast.

    Each macronutrient serve different purpose in your weight loss diet.For example,protein is able to reduce the hunger hormone and boost several satiety hormones,so that you will fill full longer.Carbohydrate(good carbs) is able to help you to eat less and burn more calories.Fat,yes fat is able to help you to lose weight too.It able to set off a cascade of signal that able to leave you feel full for longer period of time.
  8. The Purpose Of Different Training Method In Weight Loss.

    Have you ever wonder or ask your trainer why some days he/she ask you to run for 5kms?Somedays he/she will ask you to do super high-intensity workout and some days super heavy lifting?Let me answer those questions for you if you havenít known yet.

    Every different kind of training method will have a different impact on losing weight.The main fitness elements on losing weight are flexibility,power training,strength training,endurance training that include aerobic and anaerobic. ...
  9. Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

    Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach
    My client told me that his friend which training under a trainer,that he is only allowed to eat almond for dinner and when he is hungry.He lost more than 20kgs in a very short period of time ,but he gets gastric.If next time your trainer ask you to do something that you think is not right,just google it ,or pm me.

  10. 6 tips overcoming the devil voice when exercise

    Hei guys, sometimes I just donít feel like hitting the gym.Not because Iím too tire or no time to exercise,but the voice that is inside my brain ,I call it the devil voice.The most important thing that I learn to overcome this devil is to first recognize and admit it is just the devil voice that is doing the trick.We canít change what we do not know.Below is the action I take to shut down the devil voice:

    1) Workout in the morning before work

    If Iím not doing coaching, ...
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  11. The Biggest Loser MindSet

    Hold on there guys..The is always rainbow after rain :)
  12. How To Burn Off Wanton Mee Calories?

    One of the must eat food in Malaysia is Wanton Mee.1 bowl of wanton mee is approximately 407 calories.In order to burn off these calories ,you need to run for 30 minutes at an 11.5-minute mile pace.
  13. 5 Best Ways To Monitor Your Weight Loss Progress.

    5 Best Ways To Monitor Your Weight Loss Progress.
    Do not know how to measure your weight loss result?below is 5 of the somehow best tools that you can use to measure your weight loss progress.
  14. Your Weight Loss Programme Need These To Work .

    Without these five elements in your weight loss programme ,you are not going to be the biggest loser.
    Learn Why:

  15. 8 Proven Principles of Successful Weight Loss Goal Setting.

    Setting the right goal using the right principles is the first step to success..
  16. Do you really need the extra protein from protein supplement?

    Do you actually need the extra protein from the supplement ?Well, unless you calculate your daily food macro intake , and find out that you lack a few hundreds of grams of protein ,then i will recommend you to take from the tub.If not stick with the real food.
  17. Bloody useful tips for weight loss beginner.

  18. The Different Between Men and Women In Weight Loss.

    Should male and female using the same training method in weight loss?
  19. How To Start Your Weigh Loss Atkins Diet Meal Plan

    So youíve decided that its time to start your weight loss journey with Atkins.
  20. The Effectiveness Of EMS For Weight Loss.

    EMS or electronic muscle stimulation is hitting the fitness industry .EMS pretty much does 4 things that listed on below diagram.

    Does electronic muscle stimulation burn fat ?According a result from ACE -"After eight weeks of EMS "training,Ē subjects experienced no significant changes in weight, body-fat percentage, strength or overall appearance."

    Electronic Muscle Stimulation Results :

    I would say it is good for rehab,recovery ,overall muscle strength ...

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  21. When Health Is A Process Of Karma.

    What goes around ,come back around.Do take care of your food and exercise,cause they will as well take care of you when time comes.
  22. The Hardest Part of Weight Loss.

    Well, the recommended exercise is about 3 times a week .If 3 times a week of exercise seems difficult for you,try eating clean 365 days.Therefore, plan ahead your meal plan,keep your meal simple and easy to cook.
  23. How To Exercise In Broke Condition.

    The high cost of healthy food such as salmon,organic vegetable ,supplement(fish oil,multivitamin etc) and monthly gym fees has become a burden to some people.The solution is easy,get yourself a pair of running shoes and start eating less processed food.

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    Everything about Sport,Health and Fitness
  24. Why Weight Loss Programme Does Not Work For Certain People?

    You got the best 120 days weight loss programme ,and its cost you a fortune.It teaches you the best weight loss method in the whole universe.Well,learning and doing is 2 different things.Start kicking your own ass and lift some serious weight !

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    Everything about Sport,Health and Fitness
  25. Twilight Ultra Challenge 2016...

    Event: Twilight Ultra Challenge 2016
    Venue: Sengkang Riverside Park, Singapore
    Date: 19 March 2016
    Time: 7.00PM
    Distance: 5KM per loop (maximum distance in 16 hours)
    Shoe: Saucony Ride 8
    By Frank

    In a blink of an eye, Twilight Ultra Challenge (TUC) is now into it's sixth year. A no frills looping based ultra running event by Ben and his team behind Running Guild, this is one event that I've never miss and it's one that I started running a year ...
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