Choosing Hiking Footwear - Let your feet love walking

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How often have you bought hiking boots and in no time you have blisters and aching feet. You’d be lucky to walk 5 miles never mind 20 miles in the wrong boots.

Hiking Footwear - Raichle Mountain Trail XT GTX Hiking Boots Hiking boots are the most important equipment you will buy – it may also prove to be the most difficult! So your main objective is to find comfortable hiking boots that fit properly so you can walk all day without pain. We have written a 12 point guide to choosing hiking boots.

Crossing streams or rivers?

The right walking footwear will keep the water out of your boots.

Hiking Shoes - helping you move quicker over easy terrain

The page Hiking/Walking Shoes Versus Hiking Boots reviews the pros and cons of all the crucial factors to help you decide what hiking footwear you'll need.

Foot Care for Hikers

Sore or blistered feet can ruin your hiking plans. Avoid hot and sweaty feet, Athlete's Foot and blisters by reading our Foot Care page.

Gaiters - Keeping your hiking boots and socks dry

Stepped in any deep pools of water lately?

Protect your boots and socks with gore-tex gaiters.

Gaiters basically just wrap around the bottom of your leg and over the top half of your hiking boot or walking shoe and in winter help to keep your foot a little warmer.

Usually made of gore-tex type material to make them waterproof they are invaluable for keeping water, mud, and stones out of your boots and they protect your pants and socks from abrasion and thistles. Read our low-down on gaiters.

Hiking Boots – 12 points you must know

Do your hiking boots look soggy, scuffed and tired? Bring your hiking boots back to life with our hiking boot care guide.

Hiking is just my second hobby. The primary sport that I love is ping pong. I did wrote something about table tennis shoes as well in my blog. If you are keen on playing table tennis as well, you may want to read it to know how to get a pair of great shoes that suit you.

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