Proton Preve Specification

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The much awaited Proton P3-21A has been a hype from the day it was showcased during the roadshow at Bukit Jalil. The car was heavily masked as shown in this photo at
Unmasked, this is how the P3-21A, or otherwise known officially as Proton Preve, looks like.
Touted to be the replacement for the Persona or Waja, this car surely have some impressive specs for the racer boy. In fact, it is being compared to the other two compact sedan by Toyota and Honda. If the specs is true, then the Japanese will be in for a surprise dip in sales soon.
From some site in Facebook. Taken from the same website above. However, note that unit conversion to PS is not accurate. Also, if the replacement is for Waja, then it should be compared against Altis and Civic. No doubt Preve will have a huge advantage with pricing.
Malaysians love their cars and somehow, information such as these WILL leak out. SO, someone working in Proton has perhaps, "left" the full spec sheet, on the table during one of his/her Teh Tarik Session (TTS) perhaps. Here is a scanned copy of the Spec Sheet obtained from various sources online.
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The premium model comes with 7-speed Continous Variable Transmission (CVT) and has up to 103kW power at 5000 RPM, which translate to about 138horsepower (HP) or 140 metric HP (PS).
The above power could be obtained due to the CamPro CFE engine that is also being used by the current Proton Exora Bold. That means, it is a light pressure turbocharged engine equipped car. That explained the flat torque of 205nM between 2000 - 4000RPM engine speed. The above is only true for the Premium model and does not apply to the basic model with the more basic CamPro IAFM engine.
Estimated (unofficial) selling price for the Premium model is at RM78,500 (not sure if on-the-road (OTR) or otherwise), but it is a close RM10K or RM12K when compared to the top line Toyota Vios and Honda City respectively.
Lets hope the above is true - and pray that the above will not translate to more reckless modification or driving on Malaysian road. Our Driving school do not equip us to drive a turbocharged car - be it light turbo or otherwise.

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