Date : 16 Sep 2012, 04:00AM
Location : Taiping, Perak

Taiping International Marathon 2012 will be held on 16th September 2012.

Category & Distance:
A: Full Marathon Male Open - 42km
B: Full Marathon Female Open - 42km
C: Full Marathon Veteran Male (45 years & above) - 42km
D: Half Marathon Male Open - 21km
E: Half Marathon Female Open - 21km
F: Half Marathon Junior Veteran Male (40-49 years) - 21km
G: Half Marathon Senior Veteran Male (50 years & above) - 21km
H: Half Marathon Veteran Female (45 years & above) - 21km
J: Senior Male (20 years & above) - 10km
K: Senior Female (20 years & above) - 10km
L: Veteran Female (40 years & above) - 10km
M: Junior Veteran Male (40-49 years) - 10km
N: Senior Veteran Male (50 years & above) - 10km
P: Junior Male (14-19 years) - 5km
R: Junior Female (14-19 years) - 5km
T: Fun Run Male Open - 5km
U: Fun Run Female Open - 5km
V: Junior Male (13 years & below) - 3km
W: Junior Female (13 years & below) - 3km

For further inquiries, contact:
Dr. V.K.Rajendran

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Registration Details

Registration starts : 15 Jan 2012 to 02 Sep 2012
Online Registration : Click here to register

Refer to attachment for details.
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Map / Location

  1. Junior Member
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    Jun 2012

    Nigsa Marathon

    Hi all !

    I just found this marathon, it looks amazing, let have a look !

    See you there !
  2. Junior Member
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    Jun 2012
    i already register and emel to Dr. Rajendran together with my payment slip for 10km fee on tuesday..and my status still "not paid" anyone can help me?:(
  3. Junior Member
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    Apr 2012

    unpaid status

    I and my bf had make cash deposit via CIMB atm machine on 4 May 2012. I had email my transaction ID:2946 to Dr Rajendran,until now my status still is unpaid status. I don't know how to contact Dr Rajendran. Any one can help?:confused:
  4. Junior Member
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    Jul 2012


    teiktloo;26272 wrote:
    I will be traveling from Penang. Could you recommend a hotel near the event location?
    Thank you.

    Hi, try the lodge in lake gardens. Beautiful
  5. Junior Member
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    Jul 2012
    I think it's called kamalodge
  6. tanchzeseu
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    Jul 2012
    just now i tried to register for Half marathon on behalf of my friend, Yeap Chee Keong, but the registration was fail. Is it possible for you to help me to check whether the registration has been done or not.
  7. Junior Member
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    Jul 2012

    Confusion in thread

    Hi there,

    Is all the problems with validating registration concluded/ dealt with by the organiser?
    I was wondering as there weren't any more posts after a problem was posed in this thread..
  8. Max Chuah
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    Jun 2012

    Payment method

    hi, the OIC,

    I was register the Taiping International Marathon , the payment is made.
    The bank in slip was e-mail to Dr. Rajendran V.K.Swamy <>
    But now the status still in 'no paid', anyone can help?
  9. Junior Member
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    Aug 2012

    wrong category

    would like to ask whether can change category or not?i accidentally register M: Junior Veteran Male (40-49 years) - 10km..can change to J: Senior Male (20 years & above) - 10km?i already paid..
  10. Junior Member
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    Jun 2012
    For those who still have payment status, you could try this email from the website:

    Works for me. :D